Why Local SEO Is The Easiest Way To Generate Revenue?

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We’ve all heard about Search Engine Optimization, and Local SEO is no different. By following optimization best practices, you make your business accessible to the consumers in and around your area.

Therefore,  Companies must have a proper Local SEO strategy in the station to maximize their visibility and reach. 

Suppose you own a small business, and your primary mode of interaction is through brick and mortar stores. In that case, you have to rely on implementing and improving your Local SEO strategy heavily.

Google’s Local SEO algorithm takes three factors to rank your website— relevancy, proximity, and prominence.

Your local customers are the most important of all—So, they can help build communities around your brand. Consequently, brand loyalty, combined with word of mouth, will increase your sales unimaginably.

Just like all other Digital Marketing Strategies, Local SEO furnishes you with reliable metrics. With this piece of information, you can make data-driven decisions to achieve your business goals.

46% of all Google searches are looking for local information, says a report curated by SocialMediaToday.com. With so many potential customers to tap in, let’s look at five reasons why Local SEO plays a considerable role in driving relevant traffic to your website and increasing your physical store’s footfall.

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Local SEO Is Completely FREE

Listing your website on Google My Business is completely free—all you have to do is cite your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP)  correctly. Therefore, you’re just a few steps away from increasing your website traffic and physical store footfalls.

Moreover, you might not need any kind of technical assistance to set up your Google My Business account—just punch in the correct details, and you are good to go.  

Google 3 stack is a set of results displayed on the results page of local search queries. The result shown in the search engine result page is the information you provided in Google My Business.

When you follow all the Local SEO Optimization techniques, you can feature in Google’s 3 Stack, which increases your visibility, leading to better reach and revenue. Since Google lists your business with other competitors, you get a chance to draw new customers. 

Increase Your Visibility

The most important reason to optimize your webpage and Google My Business account are to utilize the precious real estate that Google is willing to offer you.

When all your details are updated correctly, the search engine results page(SERP) displays your Name, Address, and Phone number for relevant search queries. 

Google is always keen on improving user experience— for example, if a user searches for carpenters near me, Google won’t show top-tier firms specializing in furniture manufacturing.

When it comes to keywords related to Local SEO, proximity, relevance, and prominence are deciding factors. You can control what images to show your users by uploading relevant pictures to your Google My Business Account. With the integration of google maps, your potential customer is just one click away from reaching you.

Secure Customers Who Are Ready To Purchase

Imagine if you are searching for something, say it’s a light bulb. You can’t order it online because you need it right away— your best option is to search on Google for any stores which sell light bulbs. When you find the closest store, you go there and complete your purchase. 

To think about this situation from the seller’s perspective, all he did was to follow all the Local SEO guidelines, and then he converted a customer effortlessly. The next time you think of a bulb, the first thing pops up in your mind is his store. So not only do you gain new customers but also get a chance to retain them. 

As you can see from the above example, the seller also found a way to satisfy and retain his customers. This very important for local businesses, small changes in your marketing plan will yield you magnificent results.

Local SEO Illustration 2

Reduce Your Advertising Costs

Continuing on the same note, procuring new customers is very easy and cost-efficient with local SEO. You don’t need to invest any amount of money into your Local SEO strategy. Everything happens organically—unlike most of the Digital Marketing strategies, there isn’t an option for you to pay and increase your local reach.

After setting up Google My Business account, you are increasing the chances of procuring new customers at the end of the sales funnel. Meaning, these customers are ready to buy your product right away.

Traditionally if you have to increase footfalls, you have to spend vast amounts of money displaying your ads on billboards or telecasting ads on prime time. In the case of Local SEO, all you paid is a little bit of time to set up your business account. 

Procuring these customers at the end of the buying funnel is very costly. Thus, taking a side based on this is a complete no brainer.

Increase Web Traffic

While citing your Name, Address, and Phone number, you also get an option to key in your website address. Therefore, when a customer searches and finds your local business for some reason, not only he sees all the information to reach your local store, but he can also see a link to your website. 

Having a website increases the user’s trust in your brand. In an account of this, Increased confidence encourages customers to buy from your local store.

The flow of traffic into your site through Local SEO techniques is very beneficial if you maintain an online eCommerce store. The next time the user is not in a dire urge to buy a product, they can order it effortlessly from your website.   


In the end, there is no reason why you shouldn’t optimize your business for Local Search Engine Ranking. Be it a small brick and mortar store or a multi-million dollar retail chain— everyone has to scale and adapt to the latest technologies as time marches.

Local SEO’s benefits are wildly underrated. Considering that,  It’s high time businesses get a hold of it before it becomes a highly competitive arena like Search Engine Optimization.

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